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Welcome to 2cute4cancer

I'm Kari and I'm 2cute4cancer! I'm just your regular girl who hit a speed bump in the ultimate path of Divaship. I completed 16 rounds of chemo and had a bilateral mastectomy. Loosing my hair and boobs was tough, but you know what? Wigs, hats, and my fake boobs can be really fun!

MEET OUR TEAM (i.e., Me. Lol)
It's just me. I'm just a little Diva who is fighting cancer, along side my dog (he is Stage 4). I have no web experience, am not a developer or UI specialist (whatever that is). BUT I do have experience making other Survivors feel healthy,happy and sexy (af!).
Diagnosed Oct 2017, Breast Cancer (IDC & DCIS)
July 2018 after BMX
Dex (we battled together)
Rainbow Bridge Sept. 9, 2018, Prostate Cancer
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I'm working on this web store and am open for any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate contact us via the links below.
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